Wondering if you should incorporate podcasting into your strategy? No matter what product or service you are offering, you have some competition in the market. And that means that you need to stand out in the crowd. While things like great offers and targeted language matter, diversifying your platforms is important as well.

Why You Should Incorporate Podcasting Into Your Strategy

Incorporate Podcasting Into Your Strategy

If you have done any research on modern marketing, you will already have multiple social media pages and a company website. You might even have a YouTube channel where you publish content related to your brand. But there are other types of content that tend to be overlooked, which gives you the chance to really make an impact.

One often overlooked medium? Podcasts.

Podcasts are content that is easy for targeted customers to consume

Consuming text content requires direct engagement and concentration. The same is true for the majority of video content. While this engagement is great, the customer isn’t always happy or able to give it. Audio marketing is more passive in that listeners can go about their lives while consuming the content. This might mean they could be distracted while engaging, but it also means that you are reaching them at moments when you would otherwise be unable to do so.

New customers can discover you through your podcast

Because your podcast should be fun and interesting, reaching beyond just marketing, you can expect that people who browse podcasts will stumble upon yours. Many people who are podcast enthusiasts spend a lot of time searching for the next one they will fall in love with. This is an organic way to grow your customer base—but it does depend on creating a quality podcast.

Podcasts are a marketing option that costs little and is produced quickly

Producing a podcast can take roughly as much time as writing an article and significantly less time than recording a video. All you need to do is have some talking points and record yourself speaking. With a good microphone and a recording program, you are good to go. This is much cheaper than recording and editing videos, and depending on the programs and add-ons you use when writing, it might even be cheaper than written content.

You become an authority figure in your niche

Podcasts are learning opportunities, which means you should be presenting new information and perspectives related to your company’s niche. As you do this, you elevate yourself from being just another player in the industry to an authority figure. This helps to inspire confidence in your customers and gives you a better position for influencing the industry.

Few brands use podcasts

And this fact alone allows you to stand out. You may even discover that there is little podcast competition within your niche, allowing you to corner this given market. Since standing out from the competition is one of the hardest parts of marketing, hosting a podcast could be essential for your company.

Do you host a brand-based podcast? What advice would you give to others looking to do the same for their brand?

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June 4, 2018

Why You Should Incorporate Podcasting Into Your Strategy

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