Are you thinking about a chatbot for your brand? Have you recently visited a website and after a few seconds, a chat window opened, usually in the bottom righthand corner of the screen? This is a chatbot. While they usually display the photo of a real person and open up with friendly lines, these bots are not real people. Instead, they deliver answers based on the input from the customer, answering standard questions without the need for a live person to step in.

Why You Should Develop a Chatbot for Your Brand

Why You Should Develop a Chatbot for Your Brand

Depending on what you sell and do, your brand might be able to benefit from having a chatbot.

But why is that? There are numerous reasons a chatbot can help your business. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Chatbots ensure that your customers are never unable to contact you

A customer service representative goes home at the end of working hours. Chatbots don’t. These programs are active and available at all times. This is helpful for any business as many customers are not shopping until off work themselves. It also makes it easier to serve international customers.

Phone phobia is a real thing

In fact, it is only getting more common. There have always been those who hate to talk on the phone and avoid it at all costs, but with texting and messaging apps growing in popularity, more and more people find talking on the phone to be intimidating. Chatbots allow customers to skip talking and go straight to chatting. This feels safer and more welcoming than encouraging customers to call you with questions.

Chatbots can do a lot of things

The obvious application for a chatbot is answering common questions that customers have. The bot recognizes the question, lines it up with an answer, and delivers that answer to the customer. But there is more that the chatbot can do. This technology can make appointments, record information, send confirmation emails, and even process payment for you.

People are more likely to interact when prompted to do so

When those chatbots pop up on the screen, the friendly opening they give always encourages the customer to respond. In some cases, this is just in the case that they have questions or need help, but sometimes they give a prompt that encourages instant interaction even if the customer is not in need of assistance. The more people interact with your brand, the better they tend to see it.

Chatbots are cheaper than employees

Now, can a chatbot fully replace a customer service representative? No, they cannot. However, they do mean that you do not need to have one working full time or around the clock. This ultimately translates into money saved. Instead of having someone available at all times to answer questions, you let the chatbot handle it as much as they can, and once they reach their limit, the bot creates a ticket and you or a representative can handle it during working hours.

Do you currently use a chatbot on your brand’s website? How has it helped you with assisting your customers?

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June 8, 2018

Why You Should Develop a Chatbot for Your Brand

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