Are you wondering how to create brand awareness? So much of marketing focuses on text and visuals, reaching the audience wherever they might be. But one of the most effective forms of marketing relies not on words and images but fostering an experience. With the right experience, customers will be able to share and interact with your brand in a way that feels meaningful to them. This might be an opportunity to try a new product first, help educate newer customers, or just to let people have fun and view your brand in a positive light. No matter what, live events are incredibly successful marketing techniques.

How to Use Event Nights to Create Brand Awareness

How to Use Event Nights to Create Brand Awareness

And keep in mind that these live events can be in person or online. So, how can you use your event nights to create brand awareness? First, make certain you have the key brand identity components

These are both visual and verbal. In essence, in order to use increase brand awareness, you need branding in the first place. If you have yet to create the following items, now is the time to do so:

Font or fonts

Bring the event into your online presence

Even if your event is taking place in person, you need to involve your social media profiles. Use these to promote the event and drum up interest in it. And of course, while the event is taking place, be sure to post pictures and videos, and even use live streaming. The more you build it up, the more likely people are to arrive.

Cross-promote if possible

This might mean teaming up with an influencer or it could mean getting your event featured in trade publications. No matter what route you choose, know that cross-promotion is incredibly powerful and you should harness it whenever possible. And if you are worried about getting a big enough crowd on your own, you can even turn the entire event into something cross-promotional, bringing together two sets of followers.

Give your event a name

Product launch party, while accurate for a party that is used to launch a product, is generic and boring. If that is all you call your event, few people are going to show up as the term brings to mind salespeople giving spiels. You need to name the event; this makes it unique and helps to play up the event aspect while downplaying the sales aspect. Do not be afraid to get creative, but do keep the name relatively short so it is easy to remember.

Let them have freebies

You want people to be motivated to attend your event; what better way to motivate than to offer items for free? Not only does this get more people to attend, but if the items you give away are branded, your promotional efforts grow through the giveaway. Attendees will post photos online and show off the items in person, expanding your reach.

Have you hosted a brand event recently? What tricks did you use to increase the reach of your brand while keeping attendees happy and engaged?

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June 18, 2018

How to Use Event Nights to Create Brand Awareness

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