Why is domain authority important? That is an excellent question to ask. Many people have never heard of the term, or if they have, their understanding of it is relatively vague. Domain authority is a term that refers to a search engine ranking score that indicates how well a website will rank in search results. This score ranges from one to 100; the higher the score, the greater the website should rank.

TWhy is Domain Authority Important to a Brand?

Why is Domain Authority Important to a Brand?

How is domain authority calculated?

Multiple factors are at play when calculating domain authority. This includes everything from linking root domains and the total number of links. This score allows you to understand how your website competes against others and makes it easy to see how strong it is when it comes to ranking.

How important is domain authority to a brand?

Domain authority is really just a prediction in regards to how high a site will rank in searches. This means that having a high domain authority score is important, but it isn’t the be all, end all. You want a higher score because that means you are doing things right when it comes to SEO. However, you need to focus on all elements of SEO, including quality content, not just the domain authority score.

In some cases, page authority may matter more

Domain authority measures where the entire domain should rank in search results; page authority measures where a specific page should rank. In some cases, it may be better to focus on specific pages of your brand’s website rather than the site as a whole. This depends on your marketing goals.

Understanding domain authority numbers

New sites have no domain authority, so they are given the lowest ranking of zero. As the site builds itself up, its ranking can rise. However, there is a limit in most cases. A good website that is not an authority website will only reach a rank between 60 and 80. Authority websites can reach a rank between 80 and 100.

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June 20, 2018

Why is Domain Authority Important to a Brand?

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