Wondering how to leverage technology? Marketing technology is a booming business. It seems that everyone is designing the next big app or program that is going to solve all your troubles, help you pull in a massive customer base, and make you millions of dollars. And more often than we care to admit, these solutions are really just empty promises, sometimes even outright scams.

How Should You Leverage Technology for Your Brand Marketing

How Should You Leverage Technology for Your Brand Marketing

This can make brand owners uncomfortable with the idea of using technology in their marketing efforts unless it is something that has been used for years, is well reviewed, and has been demonstrated to make people money. There are benefits to playing it safe like this, but also significant downsides. The biggest is that your brand will always remain behind the curve.

Of course, the way you will be behind the curve is online marketing—which is where most marketing is these days. And that translates into an inability to turn a profit. So, you really do need to become an early—or early-ish—adopter of marketing technologies. And that brings the question: which technologies are most worth it for you to try out?


What part of your marketing efforts is working? You can figure this out on your own by collecting data, analyzing it, and comparing it—but if you do, you aren’t going to have any time left over to manage the rest of the aspects of your brand. It is a recipe for burnout and failure. But with analytics tools, you simply have to connect accounts to each other and just like that, the tool will do the work for you. You will have a clear picture of which marketing efforts are successful and which leave something to be desired. Analytics tools to look into are Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, depending on your needs.

Conversion optimization

If you are unfamiliar with the term, conversion optimization describes getting people who come to your site or social media pages to take the action you want them to take as often as possible. This could be making a purchase, leaving a comment, or signing up to be on your email list. Without tools, conversion rates are a low three percent. With the right tools, you might be able to get that up to around six percent. Although six percent does not sound like such an impressive number, when you think about the fact that it is double the results—results you need to thrive—using such a solution makes sense. Tools to consider include Landing Page Grader, Optimzely, and Unbounce.

Search engine marketing

This term includes paid search ads and search engine optimization. Some tools specialize in one or the other, while others will offer both. Because customers tend to use online searches to find products, this helps you grab their attention by either using a paid advertisement or landing in the top results. The insights you gain using these tools can also help you fine-tune your marketing overall. Tools to consider include Google AdWords, WordStream, Wordtracker, and BrightEdge.

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June 27, 2018

How Should You Leverage Technology for Your Brand Marketing

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