Are you wondering how to execute on a content marketing strategy?  Marketers are creating more content this year than ever before so it only makes sense to evaluate your content marketing strategy. Whether you’re brand new to content marketing or an old pro, it cannot hurt to take a look at your plan and update it as necessary.

How to Execute on a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy basically means the portion of your marketing plan that deals with creating new content. This can include things like blog posts, social media shares, downloadable files, newsletters, printable, videos, podcasts, and photographs. It’s a rather wide descriptive term that marketers use to cover any type of media that you create.

Content strategy purpose

Before you start to randomly create pieces of content, keep in mind that each piece of content should have a purpose. You need to consider things like who are you creating the content for, how it will be unique from other brands, which type of media is best for this message, and how will you create, schedule and promote it.

Why do you need a strategy

Your content marketing strategy is what helps you reach new customers and make new sales. A popular blog post that contains a link to your product or download can continue to generate leads for years to come when it’s approached properly. Even if your content doesn’t make an immediate sale, it can help generate brand awareness and educate your potential customers about what you can offer.

What should you include

Your content marketing strategy should include several things. You will need to determine what your goal is whether that’s new customers or driving repeat sales. Once you know what your goal is, you need to determine who your target audience is. Will you be marketing to female millennials or male baby boomers? Determine what type of content you want to create whether that is videos, podcasts, blog posts, or Instagram stories.

Managing content

Once you’ve determined what type of content you want to create and who you are targeting it toward, you need to find a way to manage it effectively. You will want to keep track of what you post when and what types of content can be re-used again seasonally.

Analyzing your content

In order to determine how effective your content marketing strategy is, you will need a way to analyze and manage your content. Most platforms will provide some type of analytics whether that is page views, engagement, clicks, or comments. Keep in mind that not all purchases will happen immediately or through the channel you are using. Brand awareness is something that you cannot always track effectively.

Keep in mind that a good content management strategy will need to be reevaluated and updated regularly to make sure that your goals and marketing trends have not changed over time.

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July 6, 2018

How to Execute on a Content Marketing Strategy

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