Have you ever noticed that longer content gets more engagement than shorter content?  You’ve probably heard the saying that content is king and that is true for a variety of different reasons. That is true for several different reasons and is also the answer to the question of why does longer content get more engagement.

Why Does Longer Content Get More Engagement

Why Does Longer Content Get More Engagement

Providing awesome content is one way that you can engage with and attract new customers. Consumers do web searches when they are looking for answers to questions. How can I? What should I? When do I? They go in search of information, articles, photographs, podcasts, videos, and resources that answer those questions. The more in-depth your answer is, the more likely you are to attract those people to your website.

So, why does longer content get more engagement? Google ranks it’s articles, in part, by how well they are written. And, that includes how long the article is and how many resources the article includes. When you look at it, if you have a question, would you rather read a 200-word article that barely scratches the surface? Or, would you prefer to read a 1000 word article that answers all of your questions and includes helpful photographs, videos, and infographics?

Providing targeted information

In most cases, the answer is fairly evident. You’d rather read one article that answers all of your questions than having to keep searching through five short articles that barely scratch the surface.  The answer is pretty clear and Google understands that. However, it’s not just the word count that matters. It’s the amount of targeted information you include in your article.

The more useful data you include in your article, the more likely it will be seen as a valuable resource. The more valuable it’s seen as the more likely other people will share it and link to it from their site. As these two things increase, Google will see your article as even more of a resource which will raise its rank in the search engine listings.

People love to share

The answer to why does longer content get more engagement is fairly simple. People want to share content that they see as valuable with others. The more your content is seen as valuable, the more likely are people are to share it. That means that when you’re writing your article, you need to consistently be sure that you are providing as much useful, in-depth information as you possibly can. Over time, your articles will begin to get more and more engagement.

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July 9, 2018

Why Does Longer Content Get More Engagement

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