Have you ever wondered whether or not you should revamp old content? Once your blog has been established for a while, it may seem like you have covered all of the available topics. Instead of publishing new content every day, you may want to revamp old content and publish it again as new. But, should you do this?

Why is it Useful to Revamp Old Content?

Revamp Old Content

So, when should you revamp old content versus create new content? There are a number of different reasons you might want to revamp old content. But, what exactly does that mean? Blogging has changed quite a bit over the past several years. Because of these changes, your blogging content may need to be updated to meet current standards.

You should check for proper grammar and spelling as well as any technical errors like broken links or missing images. When you’re updating your post, you should also be sure that it’s SEO optimized. This may not have been something you were focused on when you originally created the post. You’ll also want to make sure that your photographs are updated and resized if the quality of the photos is not as good as it should be.

So, why should you be updating old content?

Save time

Updating an old post may take less time than recreating a new post from scratch. During your busiest times of the year, this is a wonderful way to save administrative time while still sending out a new post to your newsletter subscribers and followers.

Seasonal updates

If you created a post last year about your holiday gift guide, do you need to create a new post this year? Or, instead, can you simply update the old post to include the products in your new holiday gift guide?

Improve SEO

In order to rank in the Google search engine, your post needs to be properly SEO optimized. Not only may your post need to be updated, but older content that is no longer useful may need to be deleted. Cleaning up poor quality posts on your website may help Google rank your other posts higher.

Reach new people

If you have a popular post from a few years ago, it’s entirely possible that your recent subscribers haven’t seen it yet. By revamping it and republishing it, you can potentially reach many new readers and possible customers.

So, what are your thoughts on whether or not you should revamp old content?

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July 13, 2018

Why is it Useful to Revamp Old Content?

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