Are you wondering how to hire a freelance writer for your brand? As with any business, it’s often not possible for you to do everything by yourself. If you’re trying to juggle website maintenance, social media promotion, content creation and sales on your own, it’s time to reconsider. Trying to handle everything that’s part of running a business by yourself is a sure fire way to burn out.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Brand

Hire a Freelance Writer

If you want to hire a freelance writer for your brand, you might be wondering how you approach this. You will want to find someone trustworthy who has knowledge writing the subject matter your brand is related to. After all, if you own a fashion brand, you will want someone with fashion experience, not someone who is used to writing about cars or swimming pools. But, where do you start when you’re looking for a freelance writer?


You can buy just about anything you want to on Craigslist. And, you can hire people for a variety of jobs including freelance writing. If you choose to hire someone on Craiglist, make sure that you check references and pay them after the work is done using a verifiable payment method. You can find a lot of spam on Craigslist if you’re not careful.


Fiverr is a job board that offers a variety of different types of jobs in increments of $5. You can find people willing to write content for you with prices that range from $5 to $500. Fiverr is often used by people overseas so it’s important that you check references to be sure that the person you’re hiring speaks and writes English fluently. Otherwise, you may receive an article that you don’t feel you can use.


Upwork is another job board that allows you to hire freelancers including editors, writers, videographers, and website designers. One of the benefits I’ve found in using Upwork is that you can search by country, certification, experience and a variety of other factors. But, the prices on Upwork are much more expensive than on Fiverr. You can expect to spend $30-$100 for a basic freelance article.


Unlike the above job boards, in order to write for Contently you have to pass a writing test. This is by far one of the best places to find a freelance writer that will provide a high-quality article for your site. But, the prices for these articles tend to be higher.

If you’re wondering how to hire a freelance writer, start with one of these sites and check references until you find a good fit.

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July 16, 2018

How to Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Brand

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