Have you wondered about how to make brand messaging flexible? Or, perhaps, you’ve wondered if this is something you should do at all. Over the years, one of the most beneficial ways to increase sales is to personalize your marketing message for your audience. It’s likely that your customers come from a variety of different walks of life including their age, race, interests, and gender.

How to Make Brand Messaging Flexible

How to Make Brand Messaging Flexible

Because your customers and potential customers come from such a varied background, it only stands to reason that your brand message should speak to each individual differently. What will appeal to a millennial may not appeal to a baby boomer. What an avid cyclist finds beneficial may not be the same as someone who is new to bike riding. Marketing’s job is to create the right message for the right audience while still maintaining consistency to their individual brand message.

Use templates

Create several different templates or guides that detail the type of response you will use for different customers. Be sure that the overarching brand messaging is the same while speaking to the individual needs of each different customer segment.

Train your team

Make sure that team members understand in what situations to use what templates. Creating them won’t do you any good if your team doesn’t understand which template applies to which type of customer.

Create follow-ups

It’s important that you have not only the first message but also additional messages to encourage your potential clients to move through the sales funnel. You can set up these messages as part of a drip campaign so that after they receive one message based on a template, they automatically receive the follow-up messages. Be sure that you customize the messages at each step based on the segment they belong to.

Use technology

Be sure to take advantage of technology when creating your messaging. You want to be able to stay as hands-off as possible while ensuring the content meets your needs. Targeted ads are a great way to start interest in your product. After the initial interest period, a sales funnel or follow up ad can begin automatically.


Markets change constantly so it’s important that you re-evaluate your message to be sure that it’s reaching the right target. And, it’s important that you make sure the templates and sales funnels you’re using are still working. By re-evaluating your content you’ll be able to be as flexible as possible in a changing market.

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July 18, 2018

How to Make Brand Messaging Flexible

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