In today’s digital world, there seems to be a rush to consume and publish information. Brands and content creators are always searching for the next new thing when it comes to trends.  In a way, that does make sense. We don’t want to fall behind and not take advantage of new possibilities and cutting-edge technology. But, should we be spending more time on research before we take steps?

Why You Should Spend More Time on Research

Spend More Time on Research

Should we spend more time on research? Being an early adopter can be a good thing if your target market values that. But, what if it doesn’t? Should we be spending time and money on new trends if that isn’t where our potential customers are? While Millenials are quick to jump on new trends and technology, Baby Boomers aren’t as fast to make changes.

Return on investment

Before we make changes to our brand or our messaging, we need to do adequate research to be sure that our dollars are well spent. Will we recoup our investment by following this new trend? Is it a trend that our customers value at all? If the answer is no, perhaps more research needs to be done to find out if this should be part of your marketing message.

Live experiences

Before you dedicate a large portion of your marketing dollars on a new trend, try a few live experiences with potential customers. This can be done through product sampling, in-store events, hands-on experiences at stores or product research surveys. Allow your potential target market time to test and react to potential changes before you make changes.

Work with influencers

Studies have shown that customers trust influencers more than the brands themselves. Work with a select group of influencers as part of research into potential new products. See how their audiences react to changes and new messages. Then, use that feedback in your market research to decide whether or not to move forward.

While not every small change needs to be thoroughly researched, taking the time to analyze how changes will impact your brand and your bottom line is an important step to take.

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July 20, 2018

Why You Should Spend More Time on Research

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