You’ve heard the term content is king. But, what’s better than content? Smart content or dynamic content is by far the best. Consumers are bombarded by content on the internet. It’s everywhere they look but is often overlooked and not consumed. Content that isn’t consumed isn’t delivering the message that was intended.

What is Smart Content or Dynamic Content

Smart Content or Dynamic Content

So, what is smart content or dynamic content? Smart content is content that has been optimized and written with the customer in mind. It has been created to be as visual as possible to the target market. The content has been written with search engines in mind so that it is discoverable and highly targeted. So, what makes content smart content?

Highly targeted

Smart content is targeted content.  It’s written to answer a specific question or meet a customer’s need. Content that is highly targeted is more likely to convert sales than content that is not. Selecting the right topic and optimizing for that topic will make your content more visible in search engine results.


The more your content is optimized the more attractive it will be to search engines. This has a direct impact on how well it places in the search engine results. Mobile optimization is one of the key factors that Google looks for when ranking content.

Always up to date

One of the key indicators for smart content is that your content is current and technically correct. Google will rank more current posts higher up in search engine results than older content. Be sure that you regularly update and republish your content.


Content that is engaging and interesting is more likely to attract attention and convert sales. Not only should it be factually and technically correct, but it needs to attract the readers’ interest with catchy visuals and engaging themes.

Trillions of searches are performed every single year online and in order to keep your content at the top of the search results, it needs to be smart dynamic content.

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July 27, 2018

What is Smart Content or Dynamic Content

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