Have you heard of Snappa? For those who work online, creating digital assets can take up quite a bit of time. And, as small business owners, our available time is limited. Finding the right tools to maximize results while minimizing time spent is vital to our success. No one wants to spend all day trying to get an image just right when there are other more important things that need to be done.

Why the Snappa Tool Can Make Collaboration Easy

Snappa Tool

Snappa is a cloud-based graphics editor that can be used for social media, personal, and marketing purposes. In addition, the graphics in the Snappa library are free. This allows small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to save money that they would rather spend elsewhere. Plus, Snappa connects with the social media accounts of their users to make integration even easier.

Snappa allows you to create graphics for blog posts, social media posts and headers, brochures, media kits, ads and more. And, the best part about it is that you do not need to pay a graphic designer or have Photoshop. As amazing as Photoshop is, it can be quite expensive for small business owners and rather overwhelming to those that are not used to how it works.

Templates and images

Snappah has preset image templates which save you time when creating a graphic. Preset sizes are included for things like emails, infographics, display ads, social media posts, and blogs. There are also a wide variety of pre-made templates that look professional and earn you more attention, clicks, and customers.

Searching for free stock images can be labor intensive for creators. With Snappa, you get access to 500,000+ free, high-resolution, and quality stock photos. You don’t need to search multiple stock photo libraries, worry about usage rights, or pay for the best background images anymore. You can choose from 200+ fonts, 70,000+ vectors and shapes, and play with photo effects until your graphic is perfect. Best of all, no design experience is required.

Social sharing

It even allows you to share your graphics to Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms without leaving Snappa. You can save even more time when you connect your Buffer account and pre-schedule your posts.

If you’re looking for a new tool to make collaboration easier, check out Snappa and see how it works for you.

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August 3, 2018

Why the Snappa Tool Can Make Collaboration Easy

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