Have you ever heard of programmatic advertising? Or, is this a term that you aren’t familiar with. In today’s digital advertising marketplace, there are a number of different ways to purchase digital advertising. And like everything else in the advertising realm, things change regularly and it’s important you keep up with those changes.

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important

Programmatic Advertising

In the past, purchasing digital advertising was a complicated process that involved salesmen and ad buyers. It involved finding the websites to advertise on and then a process of negotiation. Ad buyers and website owners needed to come up with the rate that they both would agree to. This was fairly time intensive. And, it had a greater margin for error than the processed used in programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic ad buying uses software tools to analyze websites, their traffic, their keywords and a number of other factors. This software then purchases available traffic automatically based on these variables. It handles the time-consuming tasks like sending insertion orders and placing advertising tags automatically. This automation eliminates the need for hands-on human intervention.

Benefits of programmatic advertising

There are many different benefits of this type of advertising. As I mentioned above, it reduces the amount of human interaction that’s needed in the ad buying process. This is beneficial for two reasons. People make mistakes. And, people cost more money than machines. They work 8 hours a day, get sick, need time off, etc. All of this drives up the cost of advertising even digital advertising.

Future of programmatic ad buying

For the moment, programmatic ad buying is done primarily online on a variety of websites, blogs, and video channels. Since it is less time and labor intensive and prone to fewer errors, it’s entirely probable that digital advertising will be purchased this way even more frequently. It’s also possible that this type of advertising may make its way into other formats including television and radio advertising.

What do you think of programmatic advertising?

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August 6, 2018

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important

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