If you have heard that adding videos can increase your click-through rate, you may be wondering why. The more readers you can get to your site, the more possible sales, followers, views and engagement you will get. So, it only stands to reason that getting people to click through to your site is important.

How Adding Videos Can Increase Your Click Through Rate

Adding Videos Can Increase Your Click Through Rate

So, how can adding videos increase your click-through rate? People are looking for quick, easy information. That’s why, when creating a post it is so important to add bullets, headings, lists of numbers, and images.

People want data that is easy to digest. It’s not uncommon for people to skim through articles quickly looking for the important parts without actually reading the whole website. Depending on the length of the article on your site, not everyone will want to devote time to reading the entire thing.

People are attracted to video because it’s easier to information from a video than it is by reading an article. If you include the article along with photos AND a video, you have made the article attractive to people who love to read, look at images, and watch video for answers.

So, how can you get traffic to your video? I would recommend adding it to YouTube so that it is searchable on their platform. Remember to include a description and keywords when you are creating your video. That will help your video rank higher in the search engine results.

Once you have added it to YouTube, you can share it on social media for added exposure Then, you can embed the YouTube video in your blog post so your readers can watch it. When you promote your blog post on social media, be sure to mention that the article includes a video. You can also include hashtags like #Video or #VideoReview for even more reach.

Do you add videos to your content?

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August 10, 2018

How Adding Videos Can Increase Your Click Through Rate

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