Are you familiar with the term visual searching? Bing, Google, and Pinterest are all using visual searching which makes it one of the hottest areas types of search engine technology. Of course, with any new technology, understanding how to be successful is key to how well you will be able to take advantage of this technology.

How to Use Visual Searching and What it Means

Visual Searching

You are probably familiar with visual searching and just haven’t heard the term used. Image search or visual search is when a search engine takes text-based information (ie words) and then returns visuals (ie images) based on those words. Pinterest is one example of this type of technology. When you type in meatloaf recipe, Pinterest looks at both the text people have added to their pin and the image itself to determine which results to return to you.  It even allows you to search by images.

Facebook uses visual searching technology when it attempts to identify you in photos that others have added through facial recognition. They search their network for faces that match the ones that you have tagged with certain names.

Google Image search is another type of visual searching tool. You can upload a photograph and search for others that are similar to yours. In this case, Google uses visual clues to find images that are similar based on colors and sizes and shapes.

Here are a few things that you need to understand about visual searching.

  • Label your images. Google will recognize meatloaf-recipes but will not recognize image001 as well.
  • Use alt tags and title tags. Again, 31 delicious meatloaf recipes is useful. image001 does not help.
  • Use single subject images without overly busy backgrounds to improve your chances.

Search Engine Journal has stated the future of search will be all about visuals so this is clearly a trend that you need to be aware of.  To take advantage of this trend, be sure that all images are clear, uncluttered and properly described to take make it more likely that yours will appear in visual search.

How will you take advantage of visual searching?

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August 15, 2018

How to Use Visual Searching and What it Means

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