Keeping a blog updated can take a lot of time. And, not all brands and bloggers have time to create content regularly. While no one should be asked to create content for free, there are a few ways to find quality content for free when you need to.

How to Find Quality Content for Free

How to Find Quality Content for Free

You should never post something on your blog or website that isn’t high quality. It can harm your credibility and even your place in the search engine results. That said, here are some ways to find high-quality content you can post for free.

Press Releases

If you receive a press release that you think your readers or customers want to know more about, share the information for them. While you probably won’t want to publish the press release as is, a few simple edits can turn it into something unique.


Is there an expert in your industry or a related industry that would like to be featured on your site? Interviews are a great way to get content for your site. And, they will often include the questions and answers already prepared for you.


Infographics can be a wonderful way to get more Pinterest traffic for your site. Many times, you can simply create a few short paragraphs to go along with an infographic. Then, you’ll have a very informative blog post for your readers. So, if you see a popular infographic, reach out and see if it is possible for you to share it as well.

Guest posts

If you’ve ever received an email asking if you are interested in a guest post, you may have been tempted to say yes. Guest posts can be a huge time saver. Just be sure that the site you are linking to is reputable. And, be sure the person writing is someone you feel confident about working with.

So, the next time that you are short on time but need something to post on your website or blog, consider a few of these free ways to get content. Now, have you tried any of these methods?

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August 22, 2018

How to Find Quality Content for Free

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