Are you familiar with the term mobile marketing? Have you ever been out shopping and received a text on your phone from a business you were near? Chances are that text was sent by using one of several mobile marketing techniques. These techniques allow brands to send messages based on your GPS location to their store.

How to use Mobile Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a marketing technique that allows you to reach a specific audience on their smartphone, tablets or other devices. You can send these messages via email, SMS messaging, pop-ups, social media, or via mobile apps.

This marketing technique allows brands to reach consumers whose mobile GPS coordinates match the area of their brick and mortar store. When the technology sees that you are within a certain distance of their store, you will receive notification of a sale, discount or special event. This notification would urge customers or potential customers to visit your business.

Another way that businesses can use mobile marketing is by targeting consumers who are near their competitor’s businesses. If you are shopping for office supplies and are heading toward Business O, you may receive a text message urging you to visit Business S instead for a better deal.

You can use mobile marketing in many other ways.  The term also refers to your strategy to reach consumers via their mobile devices. This may mean making your website mobile friendly or having an app set up to send out deals specifically for your mobile customers. It could also refer to having a chatbot set up on your Facebook page to interact with people via messenger.

Having a business in today’s digital world is much different than it was years ago. Your brand must have a mobile marketing strategy in place to reach consumers. Mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 2014. And, it’s important that your brand captures their share of the market.

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August 29, 2018

How to use Mobile Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales

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