Transparency is key to content because it’s important that your readers and customers trust you and the content you provide.  As brands and networks choose the influencers they work with and the messages they send out, it’s important that we send authentic and honest.

Why Transparency is Key to Content

Why Transparency is Key to Content

It can be difficult for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors. But, one of the best ways to make your brand and your content stand out from the crowds is by being transparent.  If you market a product that has a lot of competitors, it can be a challenge to help consumers understand how yours is different.

As an example, if your product is a pencil, you may be wondering how you can stand out from the crowd. By telling an authentic story about your brand and your products, you can do just that. Is your pencil made from recycled products? Or, do you plant trees or donate to environmental causes for every pencil you sell?

Let your readers see behind the scenes of your company and help them understand why they should purchase your product over a competitor.  Be honest about your pricing structure. Or, show the fair wages you pay your workers or the charitable contributions you make.

You can also be transparent about what other customers think of your pencils. Publish reviews from real life customers on your site. Be careful that if you share reviews from those that have been compensated that you clearly state that. And, trust goes a long way. People want to buy from brands that they can trust and by being truthful about your product and your company, you can go a long way to earning that trust.

So, how else can we be transparent about our content? Do you have any suggestions that can help your brand stand out from the others?

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August 31, 2018

Why Transparency is Key to Content

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