Are you wondering how influencer personality affects your brand? Brand personality, image, and reputation are affected by any and all communication directed at the consumer, whether it comes from the brand-owner or not. Direct brand communication comes directly from the brand-owner and is written specifically to influence the target consumer to purchase or consume a particular product or service. It is usually focused, controlled, and positive. However, consumers also receive indirect brand communication from influencers, articles, word-of-mouth, etc. This indirect communication is often difficult for the brand-owner to control and therefore is perceived as more genuine by the consumer. Influencers have become ever-more popular for their perceived honesty and for being relatively affordable (excluding celebrity-level influencers of course).

How Influencer Personality Affects Your Brand

Influencer personality

However, considering influencer personality and choosing the right influencer can be tricky, to say the least. When you, as a brand-owner, hire an influencer to spread a message about a brand, the influencer serves the role of brand-ambassador without being properly identified as one to the consumer. Therefore, characteristics about the influencer directly impact the brand.

Taking this into consideration, it is important that your chosen influencer is a good representation of your brand image and personality and is also articulate enough to get the chosen message through to the target consumer. For example, if your brand represents women-empowerment and advancement, you would not hire a woman who believes in traditional gender roles to represent your brand. This is because your target consumer must identify with your influencer in order to reach a desired level of engagement.

The level of engagement can be aspirational or more realistic but it must be there. In other words, you can hire someone who is a part of your target audience (ex. a teenage influencer to engage other teenagers) or someone who your target audience aspires to be (ex. a powerful attorney to engage recent law school graduates).

Consumer Confidence in the Influencer

Trust is an indisputable part of the deal as well. It is important to remember that each influencer typically creates their own content, which means you as a brand-owner will not have full control over the when/how/and what regarding the message transmitted about your brand. You also have to feel comfortable with the material this influencer has posted in the past about other brands and even personal day-to-day posts. If there is anything about this influencer’s previous posts that makes you uncomfortable, don’t work with them. Your brand image will be affected by the entire scope of this influencer’s work: not just the post or posts regarding your brand. The engagement with your target audience is not worth it if the influencer does not accurately represent your brand.

One last word of advice: be selective with your influencers both in quality and quantity. It is important to remember that there IS such a thing as over-exposure of a brand. If you are not selective in choosing your brand influencers, your message and brand identity will become diluted. Don’t over-saturate the market; choose only the influencers that best represent your brand in order to avoid losing the brand identity that you have worked so hard to create.

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September 5, 2018

How Influencer Personality Affects Your Brand

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