Are you wondering how to use Social Blade? Market research is always an important tool for measuring the success of your brand or product, identifying areas of opportunity, and tracking the competition’s strategies. One tool you might want to use is Social Blade.

How to use Social Blade for social media

Use Social Blade

Social Blade is a third-party statistics website and app which analyzes YouTube channels, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch in different categories such as the number of subscribers, growth rate, video views, and rankings. Social Blade is most popular for analyzing YouTube videos, which is what we will focus on today.

Using Social Blade for YouTube

You can use Social Blade to analyze your own YouTube channel or that of an influencer by doing a health check. Social Blade provides you with an overall grade, views for the last 30 days, subscribers for the last 30 days, rank vs other channels, and estimated earnings. This part of Social Blade is great for tracking channel health and identifying areas of opportunity for your channel such as focusing on subscribers or focusing on getting more views. In addition, Social Blade also allows you to project these statistics into the future based on the current conditions of your channel. This is an excellent indicator of whether you are on track to meet your future goals or if you need to make changes to your strategy.

Another important use of Social Blade is the ability to compare a channel to other channels which are either direct competition or represent your future goals. This feature will show you the statistics of the competition channel(s) you choose (views, rankings, estimated earnings, subscribers, etc.).

How it Can Help You Improve

The most important part of this feature is that it provides you with a side-by-side comparison of the channel vs. the competition through visual graphs. This feature will allow you to pinpoint areas in which your competition is better than you. For example, your competition may have more subscribers than you but you may have more video views. Therefore, your strategy, in this case, should be to convert more of your viewers into subscribers to increase their loyalty and therefore your income earning potential.

If you identify that your competitor has more video views, you can further analyze what videos are driving this number and watch them, look for patterns to figure out what your audience is interested in seeing and then applying that knowledge to your future video posts. The key to success may be something as simple as having wittier headlines or something as complex as the depth of your content.

Since establishing and implementing is an ongoing process, Social Blade has a favorites feature. Using this feature, you can easily track your main competitors in one place for easy access and monitoring of ongoing changes in strategy and numbers.

As mentioned earlier, Social Blade is not just a website, it’s also an app. This means that Social Blade is versatile and can be used on the go. This is a great tool for conventions and other forums where you are likely to meet other YouTubers who you can then analyze and track.

Like most apps or websites, Social Blade has a premium feature which is custom consulting where an analyst will do the work described above for you and help you design a strategy and follow-up plan.

How do you use Social Blade?

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September 7, 2018

How to Use Social Blade for Social Media

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