Do you know what type of content your followers want to see? You typically publish content hoping somebody sees it, relates to it, and even adds some kind of value to your business. How do you ensure that your followers will like the content you post?

Determining the Content Your Followers Want to See

Content Your Followers Want to See

Well, while you can’t ensure engagement between your content and your followers, there are steps you can take to increase the probability that your followers will be engaged with your content.

Analyzing Past Success

One of the ways to determine what will be successful in the future is to analyze your most successful posts. Success can be measured in several ways: number of likes, number of comments, number of new subscribers/followers, etc. Once you determine your criteria for success, it is time to dive into the posts and figure out your factors for success; this is done by establishing common characteristics among the successful posts. Is there a theme that drives likes or comments? Is it a particular format that really works? Or even a mood that has been extra popular?

Investigating Success of Others

In a similar take, you can also research your competition to find out what is driving their success in terms of content. For this method, you have to start by determining who your competition is. Is there a content-creator or channel you aspire to be? Is there a particular content-creator or channel that is popular amongst your followers? Or is there another content-creator who does a lot of the same things you do but with more success? These are all very important and valid questions you should ask yourself when identifying your competition.

Once you have identified your competition, you analyze the competition for trends on successful posts. Once you identify the common factors for their successful posts, you compare them to your common factors. This way, you can pinpoint characteristics are areas of opportunities for your posts. Perhaps, you don’t include enough humor in your content or perhaps your followers are looking for you to cover or comment on everyday-events. The things you will find will surprise you and can only be used to improve!

Getting to Know Your Followers

Another way to develop content for a specific group of people is to get to know them. While you were researching your most successful posts, you probably noticed some followers with a high level of engagement. These would be the users whose profile constantly popped up as likes, comments, and/or views. It is worth it to make a list of your top followers and research them. What are their interests? How old are they? What do they do for a living? What is their overall lifestyle?

The answers to the questions above will provide insight into who these people are and the type of content they may be interested in. You are then able to target this group of highly engaged followers/subscribers to keep them interacting with your content. This strategy will also help to attract other people with the same interests and demographic profile.

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September 14, 2018

Determining the Content Your Followers Want to See

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