Have you wondered about a headline analyzer? You can write the best content and publish it online but unless people stumble across it and read it; it is useless. The internet gets more and more cluttered every day and competition for user attention is greater than ever. The headline is your first opportunity to attract people to your content.

Using a Headline Analyzer to Grab Audience Attention


Using a Headline Analyzer

Only 20% of users get past the headline or in other words; 80% of readers will read a headline and NOT the content. This emphasizes the need to have a good headline that grabs attention and conveys the reader to move on to the rest of the content. The use of headline analyzer can help increase the odds of your content being viewed by helping you get the right balance between a number of characters, words balance, structure, etc.

Including Keywords

Before being able to engage your audience, your audience must find you. Including keywords in your headline will help your audience locate your articles or posts. A headline analyzer will suggest related keywords or suggest a replacement of any keywords that are not the most-searched. You can then cross-reference these keywords with your purchase on Google Adwords service to make sure your headline reaches your audience.

Identify the Type of Headline

Certain types of headlines get more clicks than others. Lists, How to, and questions are the most effective types of headlines according to Coschedule (the leading headline analyzer). Many headline analyzers will identify the type of headline you are writing and suggest ways to turn it into one of the 3 most effective types if you are not yet using one and that way increase your chances of conversion.

Word and Character Count and Analysis

On most social media, your headline is limited by a number of characters. It is important to make sure you do not surpass your limit and you choose your words efficiently to not make the headline too wordy or too short.

Word Balance

As mentioned before, your headline is limited to a number of characters. Therefore, every word you include in your headlines must be used to drive users to click on your content. The words must be balanced between common words (ex. a, about, after), power words (ex. what this, you need to know, will make you), uncommon words (ex. hear, awesome, beautiful), and emotional words (ex. attractive, danger, zinger). Coschedule has the previous classification which may vary from other analyzers but the concept remains the same.

Based on Research

Most effective headline analyzers work on a simple principle: look for patterns in what works to develop parameters for success. Coschedule which is the leader in headline analyzing, for example, has designed a very complex algorithm to rate your headline with a general score and sub-scores for other sections to allow you to pinpoint every area of opportunity for your headline. The changes suggested to you are based on what has already worked for other content writers and will, therefore, increase your chances of having a successful conversion rate above the 20% average.

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September 26, 2018

Using a Headline Analyzer to Grab Audience Attention

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