How are you complimenting your influencer? The effect of building relationships through influencers grows as social media gains importance as a means of communication and therefore advertising. Social media as implied in the name relies on being social. Some social media relationships are deeper than others; some remain online while other relationships transcend into the real world.

Complimenting Your Influencer Is Essential

Complimenting Your Influencer Is Essential

Influencers can bridge the gap between your brand and your target user as influencers already have a relationship built. However, getting an influencer to promote your brand or product is not as easy as it sounds. Building a relationship with an influencer takes a lot of complimenting in different forms ranging from literal compliments of their work to compensating them for their work.

Tell them you love their work, and mean it

The first step is to find an influencer who genuinely represents your brand’s values through their work. Find someone whose work you truly admire whether you’re reaching out to a celebrity, a stylist, a visual artist, or even a teenager with a great sense of fashion. You’ll be able to reach out to the influencer and tell them you love their work and actually mean it. Keep in mind that influencers get requests to promote products/brands/services all day long. They are most likely to be willing to promote products/brands/services that they personally identify with from companies that respect their work.

Build Something Worth Talking About

Another way to complement your influencer is by approaching them with something interesting to talk about. This shows that you respect your influencer, their time, and their work. Take time to think about your idea and build it up prior to reaching out to an influencer, make sure it is something that would be interesting to his/her followers. However, also be conscious of the fact that influencers often create their own content and expect a certain level of creative freedom. Continue to compliment your influencer by handing them your trust to exercise their creative freedom.

Deepen your relationship

As mentioned in the introduction, social media is about building relationships. Working with an influencer is no exception. An important way you can compliment your influencer is by dedicating time to getting to know them. This is a way for you and your brand to stand out from the crowd of products begging to be promoted by the influencer.

Pay Your Influencer Accordingly

At this point, you’ve built a relationship with your influencer, you’ve established respect and appreciation for their work and now it’s time to show it in the form of compensation. Of course, you can offer to pay your influencer with free product or samples but this will only get you so far. If you truly find a match between your brand and an influencer, you should compliment your influencer by paying them accordingly for their services. Of course the accordingly part will depend on the number of followers and level of engagement your influencer has. This monetary compliment will ensure that the influencer continues to be willing to work with your brand long-term and will prioritize your posts over other companies that only offer product incentives.

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October 3, 2018

Complimenting Your Influencer Is Essential

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