Have you considered adding music to your campaign? In order for advertising to be considered “effective”, it must be memorable. In order for it to be memorable, it must make a connection with the audience. This connection is especially necessary if the audience you are trying to reach is new.

Advantages of Adding Music to Your Campaign

Advantages of Adding Music to Your Campaign

Music is a great way to help bridge this connection with a new audience by evoking emotion, creating a story, and reinforcing your brand.

Gaining a New Audience Through Emotional Appeal

The most obvious advantage to using music in your campaign is the emotional appeal. Music is linked to memory and can take you back to a special time in your life. A fast beat can get you very excited or even happy while a slow and melancholic beat can get you very emotional and even vulnerable. Depending on the mood your product or brand is trying to convey, music can get your audience engaged to your brand based on emotion. As an advertiser, you can use this tool to attract new audiences by selecting music that appeals to your desired target.

For example, if you are trying to attract the baby-boomer segment of the population, it would be effective to use Elvis “jailhouse rock” to evoke some happy memories rather than the latest Kanye West hit. In the example, the Elvis song will likely trigger childhood memories and create a strong emotional bond with the baby-boomer audience, therefore, pulling him/her in.

Telling a Story through Music

Music can also help create a story through lyrics or change in tempo. Story-telling is often an important part of engaging with an audience as it allows you to not only connect but also keep an audience interested. Music can help queue an important part of the story, for example, to help draw special attention to a plot reveal. Music can also tell the story itself through the lyrics much the way it would in a stand-alone song but in the case of a commercial, the story always serves a purpose. The story that you tell will help keep your new audience interested long enough to get your message across and will also allow your commercial to be remembered and recalled by your new audience.

Reinforcing the Brand

A commercial’s goal is often to encourage action whether that action is to make an actual purchase or to talk about the brand. Music can help you achieve this goal by reinforcing your brand’s image. All communications about your brand help work in tandem to reinforce the image that you created whether that’s the image of a fun and exciting clothing brand or a serious and professional funeral service provider brand. Adding music to a campaign will help guide new audiences to understand what your brand stands for. If you choose a popular music for your campaign, re-hearing the music in a different context will continue to reinforce the brand by appealing to the memory of your commercial or radio ad.

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October 10, 2018

Advantages of Adding Music to Your Campaign

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