Digital personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google are used by millions of people every-day. They provide daily news, weather information, provide restaurant reviews, and even allow users to make purchases. These personal assistants are present on smartphones and have now expanded to other smart devices such as smart speakers.

Using Smart Speakers in Your Marketing

Using Smart Speakers in Your Marketing

Smart Speakers have the potential to grant you access to users directly in their home in a highly targeted manner since smart speakers require a username and other personal information. With the growth of this technology, it is very important for marketers to find ways to penetrate this market earlier rather than later.

Advertise on a Podcast or Start Your Own

Many users utilize smart speakers to listen to their favorite music or podcast. Podcasts are a kind of a mix between a radio show and a blog. Podcasts work on an on-demand basis, meaning the user chooses when to stream them. You can advertise your brand or service on a popular podcast that is attractive to your target audience which is the best solution to be able to obtain short-term success. For long-term success, I recommend starting your own podcast. With owning your own podcast, you would not be responsible for paying for ads but would rather build your content around keeping your listeners hooked while promoting your product(s) or service (s). If you start your own podcast, you will need to build a listener base over time and your ROI will likely be higher due to more specific targeting but will take time.

Optimize Content for Smart Speaker Searches

Smart speakers are relatively new devices and there are no golden rules to optimize content yet. However, we can use some common sense to form a strategy to optimize content. First, users are speaking commands to their speakers. Based on this fact, I suggest adding conversational short-phrases to your purchased keywords; an example would be “where can I get burgers tonight?” vs. “Top 10 places for burgers in Dallas”. This way, you are targeting the users who are speaking rather than typing their searches.

Make a Branded Skill or App

Alexa has skills whereas Google Home has apps. Just like apps continue to be an “in” for brands into user’s smartphones, the same concept applies to Smart Speakers. However, there are some important things to remember, branding your skill or app is strongly recommended to make that definite connection between the skill or app and your brand. It is also important to remember that as a brand, you continue to fight for the user’s attention and users won’t activate or download your skill/app for the same of downloading it. Your skill or app must prove itself useful while providing a service. For example, Patrón launched a skill in 2016 called Ask Patrón. The skill provides the user with cocktail recipes and of course, most of them include Patrón as an ingredient. Using this method, the skill drives a behavior (consume patron) while also strengthening the bond with the brand.

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October 31, 2018

Using Smart Speakers in Your Marketing

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