Are you wondering about machine learning? The main form of communication to contact a company about any arising issue was a phone conversation through customer-service phone number; this went on until as late as the mid-2000s. As a society, we move away from face to face or even phone interactions more and more in our everyday lives. Online interactions continue to grow day by day through the use of social media platforms and e-commerce.

Machine Learning and Technology-Enabled Customer Engagement

Machine Learning and Technology-Enabled Customer Engagement

Companies must adapt to these trends and implement online channels to communicate with customers to generate interest, close a sale, and provide pre and post-purchase customer service. Email and messaging based customer service are the solution to providing online customer service. However, customers today expect a nearly instant response and this can demand can pose important challenges. As a company, you can choose to invest in employees working 3 shifts to provide real-time answers 24 a day for your customers or you can invest in AI technology to fulfill the task which is becoming the preferred solution. In order for AIs to better mimic humans in online customer-service interactions, machine learning is becoming an important tool. Machine learning allows the AI technology to “learn” from data gathered from previous interactions.

Accurate Answers on Demand

As we mentioned above, customers are becoming more and more used to being able to receive answers at the click of a button and lose more and more patience to wait for a response. Machine Learning Technology has the potential to possibly eliminate human error and as a result, provide prompt and accurate answers on demand as it has the possibility to analyze large amounts of data and to enable the creation of a rapport with the customer. By cutting humans out of the equation, your business will not be subject to an employee providing an inaccurate answer due to lack of knowledge or failing to provide friendly customer service as a result of having a bad day. In theory, customers won’t always know when they are receiving customer service from a bot rather than a human unless this information is disclosed. Therefore, from the customer’s eyes, the online rapport created will be real.

One-time Training

Machine-learning enabled AI technology is set-up by an expert with base information and then continues to learn as more data is gathered and is therefore continually improving after the initial “training”. This means that the knowledge gained by your business as time goes on stays in one place to continue improving customer service and developing further engagement. This would be the equivalent to having your most experienced employee service all of your customers in your company for a lifetime with all of their gained experience without going through the normal cycles of employee rotation.

Reduced Cost

An obvious advantage to implementing machine-learning enabled AI technology in your business model is the reduced cost vs. hiring customer-service agents. Machine learning has an unlimited memory capacity and can, therefore, continue “learning” on an on-going basis without demanding a higher pay-rate for the gained experience. AI technology can also handle several requests for service at the same time. As a result, your company will be able to provide customer service to more clients without generating a wait time and can simultaneously generate engagement with several customers at a fraction of the cost.

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November 7, 2018

Machine Learning and Technology-Enabled Customer Engagement

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