In marketing, we have the 4Ps (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion) to guide our marketing strategy for the development of literally any marketing strategy. Well, when it comes to branding, there is a 3Cs (Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy) guide to developing a strategy for any brand.

How to Follow the 3Cs of Branding

How to Follow the 3Cs of Branding

There are many benefits to having a strong brand such as the ability to charge a premium price, the ability to thrive during economic downturns, and attracting great employees and customers.

Sending a Clear Message

Strong brands have a clear and unique promise of value that sets them apart from the competition. This unique promise of value differentiates a brand and allows it to attract a target audience and to build its loyalty over time. The brand should be clear about what it promises and also what it does not promise. Coca-cola, for example, is committed to its promise to provide delicious beverages as a brand; it does not promise or promote a healthy lifestyle. Spirit Airlines is promising to get you from point A to point B; it is clear as a brand that it does not provide any frills you do not pay for. The last two examples are two strong brands in part because of the clarity in expectations they provide for their customers. The clarity in the promise of the deliverable allows the target audience to not be disappointed as the expectations are set and met and business owner and customer become aligned.

Establishing Consistency

In addition to providing a clear message about setting expectations, strong brands also remain consistent. Strong brands are always what they say they are. In the case of Spirit Airlines, their business model does not change with every flight you take. You are always expected to pay for any frills you wish to receive. Their planes always offer the same level of amenities or lack thereof. Coca-cola also offers the same core delicious beverages although it does innovate; the new beverages have the same basic characteristics of being delicious and highly unhealthy. This is where the value of standardization comes into play. By standardizing your processes, you are ensuring that all of your customers are able to receive the same experience all the time and therefore reinforce your brand.

Maintaining Constancy

Strong brands are clear and consistent with their message but must also remain constantly visible to the target audience. If your brand is not constantly available, it will most likely be forgotten within a period of time. Coke is probably the most constant brand on the planet. Its target audience is everybody which is why Coca-Cola is a constant in our lives. We can find its presence on TV, at home, on billboards, restaurant venues, etc.

For your brand, it will most likely be much easier to remain constant in the lives of your target audience members. This is due to the fact your brand ’s target market is most likely a much more reduced size and therefore more manageable to target on a constant basis.

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November 14, 2018

How to Follow the 3Cs of Branding

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