Consistency is one of the 3Cs of branding. Communication envelops many things from logos to commercials to social media posts; these elements are all communicating a look and feel for your brand. Being consistent with communication is the only way to build your brand into one solid block of representation to where there is absolutely no confusion to what it stands for and is completely and utterly recognizable.

Brands Must Be Consistent With Communication

Why the Brand Must Be Consistent With Communication

The epitome of branding is when a consumer is able to identify your brand communication without using a logo, brand name, or a slogan. Take Apple, for example, if you saw an apple computer or phone wrapped in a non-branded case, you would most likely still be able to recognize that it is an apple product. That is why brands must be consistent with communication.

Brand Consistency Takes your Brand to the Next Level of Marketing

When you reach the Apple-level of branding, you are no longer convincing consumers to stop into your store or buy your product. Your consumers are already thinking about making their next purchase from you without you having to ask. This is because your brand is so consistent and synonymous with a positive product experience that consumers have integrated your brand into their lives.

Brand Consistency Makes your Brand Much More Dependable

Continuing with the Apple example, Apple is known for making innovative products that break the mold and solve problems you did not even know you had. As an Apple consumer, you can count on Apple to continue solving technology problems throughout your different stages of life. Let’s say that your first Apple product was an iPod you purchased as a teenager to digitally store all of your music and play it back for you on demand. As a teenager, you were fine selecting your top 10 CDs and packing them in a small carrying a case before leaving the house but Apple convinced you to buy an iPod so that you could carry your entire music selection in your pocket. 10 years later as an adult, you now need a dependable work computer. You will most likely buy an Apple computer or at least visit an apple store to fulfill this need because of your belief in the brand driven by its consistency across its communication and products.

Consumers Trust Brands They Recognize

Branding is just about informing consumers about your brand promise as it is about connecting with them. For a long time, it has been argued in many expert forums that purchasing more of an emotional decision than a practical one. Therefore, you must build trust within your consumers through consistency. If you have ever traveled to a foreign country, you have experienced confusion and stress while trying to make even the smallest purchase decision among brands that you don’t recognize. This is due to the fact that you have no trust in those brands. The only message you are receiving at that moment is that from the packaging. Due to the lack of consistency, since consistency can only be built over time, you have no idea as to what kind of experience that brand offers and if it lives up to that experience over time or not.

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November 21, 2018

Brands Must Be Consistent With Communication

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