Internal branding refers to the process of branding from the inside out. This is done through providing employees and collaborators the training and education they need to support, understand, protect, and advocate for your brand’s mission and values. Internal branding should be important to companies of all sizes even if the company is so small that it does not have employees yet.

Importance of Internal Branding

Importance of Internal Branding

Even in that case, internal branding includes collaborators or providers that support the internal operation to provide the external experience to customers.

Develop a relationship between the brand and employees and/or collaborators

Through internal branding, you are handing your employees and collaborators the tools to master their understanding their integral role, participation, and contribution to the overall company mission and to the vision of the brand. This way, employees and collaborators will be able to understand the effect they have on how the brand is viewed by customers.

Develop better relations between coworkers and collaborators

Creating a cohesive team is essential to working toward a common goal. Sharing a powerful brand vision can help bring people together if the team believes in the vision. Employees and collaborators will also become passionate advocates for the brand if they share the vision. All of this put together will drive increased productivity and morale.

Improve hiring and retention

Employees and collaborators who believe in the brand’s promise and identify with it will truly care about the business they are a part of. As employees and collaborators take ownership in their role in the business, they will become passionate about seeing the brand thrive. Loyalty is important from employees and collaborators as they have access to privileged information and retaining employees and their experience is an important part of maintaining operations efficiently. Building a reputation of happy employees will also make it easier to recruit new employees or collaborators as the business expands.

Internal branding builds character within an organization

Consistency and authenticity are two of the key values of branding. As you spread your brand message and vision internally, employees will adopt the same values that the company has shown. This will ensure that customers get an experience that is consistent and authentic.

Internal branding builds passionate brand advocates

One of the most powerful methods of marketing is word of mouth. It is also one of the most difficult to achieve since your brand has little control of when, where, and how it happens. Your employees and collaborators can become very strong advocates for your brand amongst their social circle, breeding other advocates in the process. In order to achieve this, it is important to define your brand in terms they can understand. It is important to involve your employees and collaborators when it comes to defining your brand mission, vision, or promise.

At the end of the day, your employees and collaborators need to be able to name your brand’s message and meaning in plain English. When you understand something clearly, you are able to internalize it, own it, and transmit it to other people.

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December 5, 2018

Importance of Internal Branding

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