Have you thought about what goes into choosing the right colors? You may have noticed that industries often use the same colors on their logos. For example, restaurants often use the color red: Burger King, Chillis, Applebees, Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, KFC all have red as their main logo color. Red tends to induce hunger and is energetic and passionate.

Choosing the Right Colors Is the Most Important Aspect of Visual Branding

Choosing the Right Colors

Therefore, it makes sense to use it for a restaurant. However, red can also be an aggressive color and would not be the most appropriate color for a spa for example which needs to transmit relaxation and tranquility. Colors play a crucial role in transmitting the correct branding message to the target market as they convey emotions, feelings, and experiences. There is actually an entire science behind it called color psychology which is the study of colors and their effect on human behavior.

Colors and Their Universal Meaning

BLUE – Blue is a very positive color. It may invoke trust, security, and responsibility. It is also associated with creation, serenity, and relaxation. Blue instills trust and security that’s why there are many financial institutions that count on this color.

RED – Red is a powerful color. It is also very energetic, aggressive and provocative. Red can be used to incorporate passion and energy into your product. Red is also thought to provoke hunger and many food establishments count on this color.

GREEN – This color symbolizes health and nature. It also has a calming feeling especially for lighter shades of green. This color works well of wellness brands and environmentally-friendly companies.

YELLOW – Yellow is the color for vibrancy and optimism. It can also be motivating and captivating that’s why some tag prices are in this color because it helps get the attention of customers.

PURPLE – This color offers sophistication, nostalgia, exclusivity, and royalty making it perfect for some of those selling expensive jewelry or any luxury brand.

PINK –  Dark shades of pink are very energetic and instills excitement while lighter shades show a romantic feel. This color is also associated with female characteristics which is why it is perfect for lingerie and makeup brands.

ORANGE –  This color can be effective for children because of its cheerful, friendly and fun feel. This color also works well for innovative products.

BROWN – This color stands for stability, comfort, simplicity, being natural and organic. Therefore this color is perfect for organic and earthy brands.

BLACK – Black promotes a serious or classic campaign. There is also sophistication and exclusivity in this color which works well with luxury products. Think Chanel or Dior, both brands depend heavily on this color for their branding.

WHITE – This color shows purity, cleanliness and is very enticing to the human eye. These attributes work well for skin care brands, brands with religious connotations, and luxury brands.

Every color has a different meaning behind it and conveys a specific feeling and the combination of colors used in branding need to be chosen with thought and intention in order to be successful. Business owners need to consider the appropriateness of the colors they choose for their branding and the message they wish to transmit. Business owners should also consider their target market and how well the branding values transmitted through colors match up with their target. Finally, business owners must consider the consistency in colors in the industry and whether to blend in with the rest and build from what is already established or stand out completely.

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December 7, 2018

Choosing the Right Colors Is the Most Important Aspect of Visual Branding

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