As you promote your brand, you are constantly trying to bring attention to your brand a make a connection with your target audience. You may incorporate bright colors, eye-catching imagery, and attention-demanding headers. Humor is a tool you may not have thought of incorporating into your brand as a way to grab attention.

How Can Humor Help Bring Attention to Your Brand?

How Can Humor Help Bring Attention to Your Brand?

Laughter allows you to connect with your audience in a way that lowers their shields and therefore is a very effective tool. Below are three different ways to incorporate humor into your branding efforts: have fun with your fans, make your content shareable, and join in on the less crowded platforms.

Have Fun with Your Fans

This one mainly applies to your branding on social media. While you have to take any complaints seriously, it really pays off to show your fans your sense of humor when interacting with them. Wendy’s, the fast-food chain, for example, has developed a large number of followers on Twitter by responding with humor to many of its follower’s comments. Sometimes Wendy’s twitter even engages in feuds with the twitter accounts of rival companies. In between the savage and hilarious replies to user’s comments, Wendy’s does the traditional self-promotion and rewards its followers with exclusive discounts. As shown by Wendy’s example, humor is there to grab additional fans and keep the ones you have entertained but this does not mean that you can forget about your other social media tools and duties to promote your product.

Make Your Content Funny Enough to Share

These days, every advertiser dreams of going viral and being shared all over the world. Going viral is not necessarily an attainable goal for most since it is not a formulaic process. Videos and other content go viral for many reasons, many of which are not necessarily things that can be replicated. While you cannot guarantee that your content will go viral, you can make it funny enough to be shared with others. By ensuring that your humor is a. actually funny and b. appeals to a wide audience, you will boost your likelihood of being shared and therefore your visibility. This process is a type of word-of-mouth which is the most effective kind of advertising.

Join in on the less-crowded platforms

There are social media platforms that are still relatively free of branded activity such as Pinterest. The less competition there is, the easier it will be to land the attention of your target audience. Joining Pinterest worked great for Southwest Airlines who began developing content specially tailored for the digital mood board and used humor to make its content stand out. Southwest created boards to include things like plane party ideas, parody tips for your first music festival, as well as individual stories from passengers which include humorous ones. Just like in the case of Wendy’s, Southwest Airlines also uses its social media presence for everyday self-promoting tasks such as announcing new destinations or promoting discounts being offered through their official website.

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December 12, 2018

How Can Humor Help Bring Attention to Your Brand?

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