Wondering how to email pitches? The use of influencers has sky-rocketed along with the growth of social media in the last decade. Influencers allow marketers to break through the advertising clutter and deliver a message that is perceived by the target market as completely honest, authentic, and organic if done correctly. As the popularity for a particular influencer grows, that influencer will become more careful to choose who they work with. After all, influencers are brands themselves and must manage their image with as much scrutiny as the commercial brands they endorse and or promote.

Email Pitches that Show Bloggers you Researched Their Blog

Email Pitches that Show Bloggers you Researched Their Blog

As a brand, you compete for the attention for influencers and their willingness to open the doors to their captive audience. In order to earn the endorsement of a blogger, for example, you have to send them a pitch. In the pitch, you must show the blogger that you have read their blog extensively and are genuinely interested in their work and not just their number of followers.

Comment First, Pitch Later

Prior to establishing contact via email, interact with the blog itself. Read some of the blog entries and make relevant comments. Engage in existing conversation and create new ones. This will show your influencer that you know his or her work, you are genuinely interested in it, and are interacting with it prior to pitching. There is no better research than becoming a part of the blog itself.

Personalize it!

When you are ready to send your pitch, refrain from sending the same pitch to your top five bloggers. Write a genuinely customized pitch to start a genuine relationship with your influencer. Include some of your reactions to your favorite blog entries. Make sure to get their details correct, nothing is a larger ego buster than to spell your influencer’s name wrong. Also, make sure to make it known in your email pitch that you know some details about your influencer’s experiences and points of view. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. Remember, you are trying to start a partnership with the influencer. Let the influencer get to know you by providing some details about your life experiences or points of view and how it ties into your brand and their brand.

Keep it Short and Simple and Relevant

To boost your chances of having your email read, it needs to be concise. Just like you, the blogger/influencer is running a business and does not have an unlimited amount of free time. Be considerate and keep your pitch informative, friendly, and concise. Keep your suggested topic aligned with the general tone of the blog. Keep in mind who the target market of the blog is and discuss how your topic idea to showcase your brand will mesh well with the audience. Remember, you are pitching a partnership. Your brand and the influencer should both benefit from your proposal and the benefits to both should be outlined explicitly. Suggest a phone call to align the details of the proposal but keep in mind the time zone in which your blogger/influencer resides.

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December 28, 2018

Email Pitches that Show Bloggers you Researched Their Blog

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