There are also many advantages to having an app dedicated to your brand. Loyal and engaged users will promote your brand, the app will provide valuable analytics about your users, and the app will become a competitive advantage, it will also help to bridge a communication gap. Loyalty and engagement are two of the most important and sought-after characteristics in customers.

Why You Should Establish Loyal and Engaged App Users

Why You Should Establish Loyal and Engaged App Users

Loyalty increases the consumption of your brand’s products and as a natural consequence decreases the consumption of your competition’s products. Engagement is important from the point of view that increased interaction with your brand increases the number of touchpoints to analyze and also engaged users tend to be the biggest cheerleaders for your brand.

Loyalty Eliminates Competition

The goal of any company is to capture a target’s entire share of wallet. Companies do this by extending product lines or even developing additional brands within their portfolios to meet all of the needs of the target market. The more loyal a customer is to your brand/company, the less the customer will spend on the competition. Think about Apple, for example, Apple has one of the highest levels of loyalty. Once a customer becomes an Apple technology consumer, he or she will completely immerse in its products eliminating sales from the competition. As a customer switches from a Window’s computer to an Apple one, the next step is also to switch from Android to IOS. Apple works hard to ensure that its product line meets all of your needs and that its products work well together and provide a completely different experience. You can take this approach with your brand as well by meeting the needs of your customers and making it easy to leave the competition behind by only needing to purchase your products.

Valuable Analytics

The more engaged your customers are, the more they will use your app. Depending on the features of your app, engagement may mean reservations, purchases, reacting to your content, or even interaction between users. Either way, the higher the engagement, the more data points you have linked to a user. If your app requires registration in order to use it, you will also have demographic and contact information such as age, location, email address, telephone numbers, etc. Your app is an opportunity to study your users, get to know them, and ultimately cater to their needs. Your engaged users ultimately are your heavy users and every company has the goal to breed more of the heavy users. Find out what drives their engagement and use that information to form your strategy to continue to breed more engaged/heavy users.

Increased Word of Mouth

The most effective form of advertisement is also the most difficult to achieve: word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most organic form of advertisement and is, therefore, the most difficult to control and as a result the most believable. Increasing your level of engagement with your target market through an app will ultimately lead to a natural increase in word of mouth as users engaged with a brand are the brand’s biggest cheerleaders.

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December 31, 2018

Why You Should Establish Loyal and Engaged App Users

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