How to Use Google Lens and How it Works

Have you heard of Google Lens and are you currently using it? Google Lens is a new service that was announced by Google in 2017. At the time, this service was available only for Google Pixel. Earlier this year, consumers were pleased to learn that Google Lens was will soon be available on a variety […]

August 17, 2018


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Tips for Purchasing the Best Computer for Blogging

Is it time to purchase a new computer for blogging? Then you need to know what you are looking for before you head to the store. Many salespeople are working on commission and it is not uncommon for them to try to sell you a computer you do not need. Rather than walking out with […]

November 22, 2017


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Tech Your College Student Will Need

Wondering what tech your college student will need? A few decades ago, college students barely relied on technology at all. They would need a scientific calculator and as long as the school had a computer lab to use, that was about it. Now, college life is centered around the use of technology, from tablets for […]

September 5, 2017


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How to Manage Your Child and Electronics

Wondering how to manage your child and electronics? Electronic devices are a part of our lives, and unless you want to withdraw from society completely, they are unavoidable. In some ways, these devices can enrich our lives, making it easier to communicate and giving us access to important information.  However, there can be too much […]

August 8, 2017


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Every year there are a few dates that make me cringe. As you can imagine each date has something to do with me finding a gift for my wife. I spend very little time shopping and even less time keeping up with the latest trends in womens fashion. My wife on the other hand (who […]

May 15, 2014

Fashion, Tech

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Sexy Tech Talk for Valentine’s Day

  With Valentine’s Day only three weeks away, we are hoping that you are trying to think of a few clever ways to put a little fun, romance and spice into your relationship, at least for one night.  Last week we featured a guest post on sexual satisfaction and  “Letting Your Pleasures Be Known” from […]

January 28, 2013

Education, Relationship, Social Media, Tech

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Google Tricks Starts My Year Off With A Smile

We’ve all heard of Google’s tricks and every once in a while I like to just have fun while on the computer so I play with Google. All Work and No Play make Johnny a Dull Boy~The Shining Here are some of Google’s cool fun and cute tricks when doing a search. The Barrel Roll […]

January 5, 2013

Blogging, Education, Entertainment, Social Media, Tech

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Achieve Better Mobile Photos with These 5 tips!

Photographer Chase Jarvis famously said, ” The best camera you have is the one that’s on you.” For a lot of people, the camera that’s on them is the one on their phone. Jarvis published a book of photos taken from his iPhone and since then camera phone photography has gone from a novel add-on […]

October 9, 2012

Blogging, Education, Photography, Social Media, Tech

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#TailTowns Friends Twitter Party Tues October 9th at 9pm ET

Do you love to play games? Are you on Facebook? Join us for the #tailtowns Twitter party on Tuesday October 9th at 9pm ET. Tail Towns Friends combines fun social Facebook gameplay with the timeless charm and unparalleled beauty of the world of Tail Towns. Tail Towns Friends is one of the first Facebook games […]

October 8, 2012

Entertainment, Giveaways, Social Media, Tech, Uncategorized

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Summer Shopping Program #RedLaser

Have you ever been out shopping and wondered if you’re really getting the best deal? Well now you no longer have to guess. I downloaded this application called RedLaser and thought I’d give it a try. In order to see if it really worked to my benefit I had to go shopping, ( At least […]

July 26, 2012

Entertainment, Food, Product Reviews, Tech

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