Napkin Rings

How To Make Cross-Stitch Napkin Rings – #TBCCrafters

Since we are getting into spring time and planning on having friends over for dinner parties and things like that, I figured having some special things for the table would be fun. I’ve been cross-stitching since I was about 8, so these were pretty easy for me. My Aunt taught me years ago how to do cross-stitch, and it’s just been something that … [Read More...]

How to create Twitter List

How To Use a Twitter List

Twitter is a fast paced social media networking service that allows you to connect with your friends, family, blogs and brands. However, the more your Twitter feed grows, the harder it can become to keep up and the likelihood of you missing something increases. With all of the action your Twitter stream is receiving you'll want to stay on top of … [Read More...]


March Crafty Roundup

March has gone, but oh April Spring, how I so deeply love you. This past weekend, we celebrated Easter with our immediate family and it was quiet, peaceful and absolutely fulfilling. Who would have thought that a day that started out with a deep cleaning of the kitchen floor, badminton in between scrubbing sessions, cooking, an Easter Egg hunt and … [Read More...]

unsuccessful cold pitch

Tips For PR and Brands: Avoiding an Unsuccessful Cold Pitch

There is something exciting about receiving a pitch from a brand or their PR firm. It means that they've done their research and come across something amazing on your blog that encouraged them to contact you.  Sometimes, the brand is right on target and other times not so much. Tips For PR and Brands: Avoiding an Unsuccessful Cold Pitch If … [Read More...]

February Crafty Roundup

February Crafty Roundup

Winter is still lingering and holding on for dear life in my neck of the woods. But, with winter weather keeping me locked up warm in the house, I've gotten more time to craft. Crafting is a stress reliever for me. All of my happy endorphins are released and I feel great. So even though I'm ready for old man winter to leave us, there is always that … [Read More...]