Benefits of set hours for a WAHM

Benefits of Set Hours for a WAHM

Do you know the benefits of set hours for a WAHM? One of the benefits of being a work-at-home mom is that you have flexibility in your schedule. Doctor’s appointments, school events, and other daytime activities can be easily accommodated. So the idea that there are benefits to having set hours might strike you as odd. However, just as there are … [Read More...]

Tips for professional emails

Tips For Professional Emails

These tips for professional emails are vital in today's information age. When we were in school, most of us learned how to write formal letters. Now that we are in the information age, many of us struggle to apply those lessons to email. Quite a few of the elements of a formal letter simply aren’t a part of email correspondence, and even … [Read More...]

Best time to buy technology for your small business

Best Time to Buy Technology

What is the best time to buy technology? If you are running your own, small business, you have no doubt thought about the ways that having greater technology could improve things for you and your customers. However, as a small business, you are not likely to have the money for much right at the start. So when is the right time to purchase … [Read More...]

Fun fall crafts for kids to do

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

As the weather grows cold, the kids grow restless. A great way to keep them busy is to complete some crafts together, especially if those crafts get you outside for a little while. Below are some simple fun fall crafts for kids you can do. Fun Fall Crafts for Kids Tree Branch Ornaments When the winds whip up nice and fast, it isn’t uncommon … [Read More...]

Trend toward minimalism in blog design

Minimalism in Blog Design

Have you noticed a trend toward minimalism in blog design? As 2015 winds to a close, everyone is looking to the future and trying to determine which trends are going to be big in 2016. In the world of blogging, the big trend coming our way is a move from elaborate design toward minimalism—crisp edges, smooth lines, black text, and white … [Read More...]