unsuccessful cold pitch

Tips For PR and Brands: Avoiding an Unsuccessful Cold Pitch

There is something exciting about receiving a pitch from a brand or their PR firm. It means that they've done their research and come across something amazing on your blog that encouraged them to contact you.  Sometimes, the brand is right on target and other times not so much. Tips For PR and Brands: Avoiding an Unsuccessful Cold Pitch If … [Read More...]

February Crafty Roundup

February Crafty Roundup

Winter is still lingering and holding on for dear life in my neck of the woods. But, with winter weather keeping me locked up warm in the house, I've gotten more time to craft. Crafting is a stress reliever for me. All of my happy endorphins are released and I feel great. So even though I'm ready for old man winter to leave us, there is always that … [Read More...]

Wine Cork Hotpad

Crafts with Corks: How To Make A Wine Cork Hotpad

I always see great things that people make out of old cork.  In my kitchen, which is themed on the Napa Valley/Sonoma County area of California (which I dream of living in one day), I have little metal pieces filled with corks, a cork board made of corks for displaying pictures, etc.  An old cork will often get thrown away, but there are so many … [Read More...]

Lucky Shamrock Pin

Lucky Shamrock Pins

As a child I remember the fear of being pinched on St. Patrick's Day. I was always careful to wear plenty of green. Rampant pinching on the playground got so bad that teachers started handing out stickers so our day could be "pinch free".  Recently I asked my own children if the custom was still alive and well on the playground. I was met with … [Read More...]


Memorial Block

Check it Out! I have the most magical photo of my husband Delmar that I took while we were at the beach for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Since his passing it has become one of my most treasured photos.  I also have 2 containers full of sand and other treasures that we collected from the very beach the photo was taken. I wanted to find a way to … [Read More...]