How to Create a Pinnable Photo

How to Create a Pinnable Photo

Learning how to create a pinnable photo is the first step in using Pinterest as a tool for generating traffic to your blog. I find it consistently ranks as my #2 source of traffic after Google searches.  Making sure your images are optimized for Pinterest lets you take advantage of all that this fabulous platform has to offer. How to Create a … [Read More...]

Veggie Tea Towel Embroidery (3)

Tea Towel Embroidery

There is so much going on with Back-to-School, I really wanted a craft to work on in the evenings. I finally decided to pull out some embroidery. If you haven't tried your hand at embroidery, I highly recommend it! It doesn't take many supplies to get started but adds a lovely personalized touch to anything from pillow cases to linen napkins. The … [Read More...]

5 Must Have WordPress Plug-ins

The 5 WordPress Plug-ins You Must Have

My first "proper" blog was on Blogger. I say proper because I used to have a blog on something called Maxpages and it was a hot mess! When I started my blog, I signed up with Blogger because it was really easy to use. I didn't have to know anything about coding and the little HTML that I knew I could put to use.  WordPress seemed like something … [Read More...]

How to get rid of writer's block

How to Banish Writer’s Block

As a blogger, your time and attention is constantly torn. You have social media accounts to engage on and grow, traffic to monitor, correspondence to maintain, editorial calendars to create, deadlines to meet and accounting to follow through.  Writer's block happens when you sit down at the computer and have absolutely no idea what to write. … [Read More...]

Night Light

Create a Night Light

Check it Out! We always have night lights in our home. It makes it safer and it keeps me from having to leave lights on all night. Of course you can buy all kinds of night lights, in all different styles and the majority of them have to be plugged into the wall. In many of our rooms the outlets are hidden behind furniture so I wanted to Create a … [Read More...]