How to get rid of writer's block

How to Banish Writer’s Block

As a blogger, your time and attention is constantly torn. You have social media accounts to engage on and grow, traffic to monitor, correspondence to maintain, editorial calendars to create, deadlines to meet and accounting to follow through.  Writer's block happens when you sit down at the computer and have absolutely no idea what to write. … [Read More...]

Night Light

Create a Night Light

Check it Out! We always have night lights in our home. It makes it safer and it keeps me from having to leave lights on all night. Of course you can buy all kinds of night lights, in all different styles and the majority of them have to be plugged into the wall. In many of our rooms the outlets are hidden behind furniture so I wanted to Create a … [Read More...]

Feeling Crafty July Roundup

Feeling Crafty July Roundup

  Whoa, in just a couple short weeks the kids are returning to school, can you believe "summer" is coming to a close? Our mornings are now spent running errands and back to school shopping, afternoons lounging around at the pool, and nights enjoying dinner while watching movies together. We've spent a very enjoyable summer together and have … [Read More...]

Lollipop Tag

Lollipop Tag

I'm always looking for fun and creative ways to adorn and embellish gifts, journals, scrapbooks/pages and other crafty projects. Target has some great deals on gift embellishments for under $2, but when you combine a few elements together, well you can come up with some pretty creative stuff, like this Lollipop Tag. Lollipop … [Read More...]

hobie-polarized-boneyard sunglasses

RSVP for #HobieNation Twitter Party Thursday July 31 @7PM ET

Join us as we talk about #HobieNation on Thursday, July 31st at 7PM ET. Join Us for a #HobieNation TWITTER PARTY Thursday, July 31, 2014 7-8 pm ET Time to get amped up because this #HobieNation party is going to be off the richter! Whether you grab a board, snorkel, build sandcastles, body surf, or stay beached we'll be yelling … [Read More...]