Ways To Show Employees Appreciation

Ways To Show Employees Appreciation

There are so many Ways to Show Employees Appreciation, something to remember is that appreciation is expressed through not just words, but actions. I spent long hours working really hard to meet the insane deadlines, milestones and requirements set for my position. I worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO, the VP of Sales/Marketing, the VP of … [Read More...]

Merry Stirring Mice

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Join us as we talk about #MerryMice Twitter Party on Tuesday December 16th 8pm EST Join Us for a #MerryMice TWITTER PARTY Tuesday, December 16th 8pm EST Time to get in the holiday spirit with Merry Stirring Mice: Santa's Secret Team by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer. Read Merry Stirring Mice and find out what really goes on the night before … [Read More...]

Homemade Grapefruit Goat's Milk Soap

Homemade Grapefruit Goat’s Milk Soap

Every year I try to make something special to give family and friends around the holidays. Usually it is something edible, but since so many of my friends have varied food restrictions or are trying to cut back on calories, I wanted to keep Christmas homemade but also useful. I know, soap probably doesn't come to mind, but natural and unique beauty … [Read More...]

Holiday Entertaining and Decor

Holiday Entertaining and Decor

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! The lists, the food, the shopping, the decorating, the meal planning, the family, the fun and the events.  I'm amazed that at the end of the season, I'm still ready to take on what the new year brings. I'm full of lists:  grocery lists, shopping lists, gift lists, wish lists, I'm up to my ears in … [Read More...]

Thankful Placemat

Thankful Placemats

Check it Out! Thanksgiving is just about upon us and I am just about done getting my dining room all ready for the big dinner we will have. The only thing I needed was placemats for the table. I didn't have a supply anymore, especially not holiday related ones so I decided that I'd create my own. I received a package not too long ago that was … [Read More...]