5 Home Art Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

How to Declutter the Play Room

Just by having a play room, you are already ahead of the pack when it comes to keeping your home nice and tidy. But even if you relegate toys to the play room, you will still need to deal with the mess in there. And boy can it become a mess. How to Declutter the Play Room Between birthdays, holidays, and impulse purchases, the play room gets … [Read More...]

How to Reduce Waste in Your Home Office

What to Look for When Buying a Scanner

A scanner is a scanner—right? Not exactly. Sure, the better the model, the better the results, but even at that, the priciest scanner on the market may not be what you need. All scanners do the same things, using mirrors, glass, light, and other technological components to capture documents and photographs. But the performance of each machine will … [Read More...]

4 Healthy Summer Lunches for Working at Home

How to Make a Healthy Lunch When You Are Busy

Everyone knows that eating healthy is important. But when you are working on a tight schedule, eating healthy is easier said than done. Quick meals are too tempting, and most quick meals are just not that healthy. So what can you do? Just follow our guide on how to make a healthy lunch when you are busy. How to Make a Healthy Lunch When You … [Read More...]

How to Take a Good Profile Photo

We have all seen the memes poking fun at the differences between profile photos and tagged photos; it seems like everyone loves to share them, mainly because they are so true. However, if you aren’t so great at taking selfies, your profile photo may not be all that difference from your tagged photos; this can be problematic for regular users, but … [Read More...]

How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

4 Places to Sell an eBook You Wrote

So, you have written an eBook. This means you have met a very important goal, but if you are looking to get your book out to the masses, it is really only one step in your journey; your next step is to figure out where you will sell your eBook. 4 Places to Sell an eBook You Wrote Payhip Payhip is a great site for anyone new to the world of … [Read More...]